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In our society we are always seeking to be healthier.  We join gyms to get in shape, start diets to lose weight, read nutrition labels to make sure we are eating the right things and so on and so on.  The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular reality television shows and there are countless infomercials on the latest ab equipment/video to achieve the 6 pack to replace that 12 pack that just won’t go away.  One of my latest “nutrition” quests is The Fresh20 meal plan.  It is a healthy meal plan that helps busy people feed delicious nutritious meals to their family.  It’s a pretty good plan.  They give you recipes for a week’s worth of meals (dinners) along with the grocery list for the week complete with the nutrition labels and an estimated price sheet to let you know how much you it will probably cost.  I Love It!!!!  I printed out my lists and put them in a notebook and couldn’t wait to get started.  But there is a problem….I do not like grocery shopping (can I get an “amen” from somebody).   I think I’m allergic to the grocery store or something (lol!)  So, I have a nice booklet full of nutritious meals complete with grocery lists for my family and I find myself frequenting the fast food drive thru more than I would like.   So what does it take for my family to get these nutritious meals on their dinner plate instead of Hamburgers and French fries?    Well, there is no shortcut.  It takes me going to the grocery store and getting the food.   I must do it.  As much as I don’t like grocery shopping it is the only way nutritious food will get on the table.  


So what is my point, you ask?   Well, here is my question for you.   Do you need to get spiritually healthy?   Do you have excess spiritual weight in your life that God is trying to address, i.e. excess emotional weight or unhealthy habits.  Maybe you need to shed a few pounds in the “negative thought” area of your life or add to your diet a good dose of “love and forgiveness”.   Bottom line, you need to get healthier spiritually.   You can wish yourself into getting spiritually healthy, you can think positive thoughts, you can dream about it; but, there is one thing you must do.  You guessed it…. you must read your Bible.  Like my needing to go to the grocery store to get healthy food, you must open your Bible and read the Word of God to get spiritually healthy.   Now, I know – you don’t particularly like reading your Bible.  You don’t know what to read and every time you open the Bible you seem to always get some verse that goes something like this – Zephaniah begat Jochaniah  and Jochaniah begat Hezekiah and  Hezekiah begat Zechariah (ok, you get my point).    However, you must know that God wants to speak to you, and He will speak to you through His Word.  Need help in knowing what to read?  Start with the gospel of John.  Read it from start to finish.  It’s a great account of the life of Jesus and it will help you with your life.  Another good idea is to read a Proverb a day.  The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters.  Read one chapter a day for a good dose of Godly wisdom.  Or, you can read the book of Acts from start to finish.   Paul’s journeys in this book are sure to inspire you.  The whole point is to start reading your Bible and get into the habit of reading it.   I have recently started going to the gym regularly (again – lol).  But, at least I am going.  Maybe you have tried to read your Bible on a regular basis and, for whatever reason, you have stopped.  The good thing is - you can start again.  Go ahead, open up your Bible and start reading.  I guarantee that God will speak to you and help you to get spiritually healthy.  

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