A vision was planted for a church in the summer of 1996. The reality emerged in the winter of 2003. 

As God gave Pastor Camille the vision to pastor a church, she assembled a prayer team that set the foundation of her vision.  For three years God directed Pastor Camille and her faithful prayer team to take the necessary steps for this vision to begin life.  January 2000 through January 2003 prayers were sowed and answered for the name, denomination, location, and servants for specific ministry task.  By means of their obedience, and with the partnership of Faithful Central Bible Church and the Evangelical Covenant Church, Abundant Life Covenant Bible Church came into being. 

In January of 2003 Pastor Camille had a meeting with the first group of people who would be the leadership team of this Church.  Each of them made the commitment to reinforce the foundation that was set by the prayer team.  They assisted in establishing the vision, mission, values and strategies that center on the direction of Abundant Life.

In March 2003, others were invited to become members or joined the six month mission team.  This core group helped cultivate the vision.

Abundant Life had its first worship service at Jackson Elementary School on July 13, 2003.  A series of preview worship services followed in August, and September 2003.  In October 2003, we initiated our weekly worship services.

Friday, January 2, 2004, Pastor Camille Russell Wooden was installed as the Senior Pastor, and 28 members were consecrated as Charter Members of Abundant Life Covenant Bible Church..  

Abundant Life continued to have services at Jackson Elementary until the Lord saw fit to bless them with a new place to hold worship and do ministry:  “The Sanctuary”.  

God continues to pour out His favor on Abundant Life as hurting hearts are healed and broken lives are repaired.

Abundant Life Covenant Bible Church is A Church where Fellowship, Faith and Family come together!